About Elizabeth

 I graduated from Baylor University (Sic 'em Bears) with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism-Public Relations and International Studies in 2011. While at Baylor, I interned at the local NPR station as a reporter on the education and arts beat. During my time there, I created seven ready-to-air stories and tuned in during local morning programming to hear myself on an actual FM radio frequency!

Currently I work at a large international trade show organizer, serving as the Manager of Customer & Audience Solutions.   

In addition to my "9-to5" job responsibilities I get to dabble in video creation, social media strategy and management and serve as the Chair of the local chapter of the International Association of Events and Exhibitions (IAEE).

I also am the co-host of the podcast, The Budget Is No. As we're in the business of connecting people,  we want to dive deeper into how other industries, organizations and individuals connect with people resulting in a lasting, meaningful experience. We talk about coming up with ways to do this when there's limited resources...and the budget is no.

In my spare time I enjoy listening to podcasts, reading, working out at Orange Theory and relaxing with a good craft project.